De Improfeten Present:
The 2nd Antwerp International Improv festival
Arenbergschouwburg, June 11, 12 & 13 - 2015 The Joker, June 14 - 2015



For the second year in a row, De Improfeten organize "the Antwerp International Improv festival". This year we have invited international top artists to play unforgettable shows at the Arenbergschouwburg in the heart of Antwerp. They will show Belgium what international improv is all about.

De Improfeten often participate at international festivals therefore they are really excited to have their friends over and give them the opportunity to experience the lovely Belgian audience.

11/6, 12/6, 13/6 and 14/6: 4 Improvisation nights with 10 great artists on stage. The finale show will take place at the Antwerp comedy café The Joker (Kleine Markt 16, 2000 Antwerpen)

The main language during the festival is English. Top level improv in the centre of Antwerp, unique, exciting and hilarious. So don't miss out.


Shows on June 11, 12 and 13 in Arenbergschouwburg, Final show on June 14 in The Joker.

The show will be a long form (45 minutes) + director's cut (again 45 minutes).

With a long form the artists weave different scenes through the story, characters or themes.

It will all be based on several suggestions from the audience (for example: location of the scene, characters, etc.), all other items will be improvised at the moment itself.

The artists make sure you get a night you won't forget.

Tickets are for sale on the Arenbergschouwburg website.

Ticket fee: 15 euro


On Saturday 13/06/2015 you can join the workshops given by 2 great international artists.

Saturday morning session will be given by Inbal Lori.

Workshop characters:

The workshop will explore the joy of finding truth in characters, and the ability to change in a believable way. We will do so by trying out different body languages, statuses, personal rhythms and psychological states. We will explore realistic characters alongside with expressive and extreme ones.

By using impro scenes and long forms, we will search the ways each character has to express itself while using its motivation, action, relationships and more.

Saturday afternoon session will be given by SĂ©bastien Chambres.

Workshop My body is an impulse:

For the next three hours let us try to forget our brain and our tongue : our bodies can talk. Using a bit of contemporary dance and choreography techniques, we will improvise using movement and body language. And when our body will have told us the most, then, maybe, we'll talk. Our impulse will be the music, our impulse will be our bodies, our impulse will be our feelings, to make sure for once our impulse will not be our clever brain.

Join these fun and creative workshops and subscribe below.

Full day of workshops fee: 100 euro

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IBAN: BE72 7310 2310 9516

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